W E L C O M E!

JULY 2009
In the Philippines, Helen (BSMT-A) hosted a reunion for Proj7405 and Proj8102 and there were 15 participants.
Meanwhile in New Jersey, Mulong (BSMT-D) hosted a get together last July 19, 2009. There were four guests from BATCH E plus Omi.

There is a photo gallery that you can view at this link: 2009 GET TOGETHER.


This site has been, for the last few years, a work in progress. Much has changed over the past year alone and for this site to be a dynamic one, a lot depends of your inputs and your passion to share whatever you can. Hopefully for this year, we can make this site an integral part of how we communicate with each other and make it the intersection of where we are.

Make it happen... just do it!

Chok flew in to California to visit his mom (she is doing well now...thanks to Chok's tender loving care!) and he was able to meet up with Elvie and Leah. Mulong and I had the chance to talk with him (I was at the De Jesus' residence then...) and encouraged him to visit NY so we can have a get together. He flew in back to Manila on Dec 28. Next time na lang Chok!

JULY 2008
We spent a week in Southern California visiting schools and had a wonderful time with Elvie, Leah and Malou.
As usual, we enjoyed reminiscing those years and were planning on a get together in the East Coast. Throw in your ideas and let us see what happens.

It was also at this time (I might be off but...) that Leng moved from NC to the Greater Washington Area (the Beltway!) and I am pretty sure that she sent out info on this. Now, we all can visit Washington DC and we can always count on her to be our willing host! Cool.

MAY 2006
The batch organized mini-reunions in the past two years commencing last year with the visit of Arlene to the USA. We had small group reunions in California and later in NJ/NY where Hazel flew in from Canada. With the arrival of Malou in CA, another one was organized. Later that year in December, a mini-grand reunion in Manila, Philippines was organized with Elvie and Luis joining our classmates in the Philippines.

This year, a big group met in Las Vegas, NV (11 participants) with Roland and Hazel joining the U.S. based classmates.
Unfortunately, two U.S. based classmates decided not to join the affair. We were happy to welcome and adopt Raffy Saldana (bspt-d), who was visiting the U.S. and cross-country driving! And much thanks for his assistance, we had a blast celebrating in Las Vegas.

The highlight of this modest website is to share pictures, images and moments of all the reunions that the class did over the past years. We have incorporated what Azer has created so all can have access and view a wonderful work of art (and humor).

If you haven't done so, please visit our original site at: BSMT-D Proj.7405 Ed.